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If you have friends, family or business contacts around the world, keeping in touch with them can sometimes be easier said than done. If you’re calling or texting from a mobile phone, the costs can soon add up.

That’s where we come in. FooCall is a free app that lets you make quick, easy, low cost calls, and send texts, to people all around the world, direct from your mobile,without worrying about any big, unwanted surprises on your bill. Just download the app, make calls & texts and start saving money. It’s that simple.

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We’re so confident that you’ll love FooCall, your first call to anyone, anywhere is on us.

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What makes us different.

  • We'll always be low cost.
  • No contracts.
  • Call anyone, anywhere.

Call anyone, anywhere direct from your mobile.

Nobody wants to waste their time struggling to set up an international call and with FooCall you don’t have to. No sitting at your desk, no fiddly SIM cards, no long forms to fill in and no contracts to sign up to. Just download the free app directly to your iPhone or Android and you can make international calls to anyone anywhere straight away.

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What countries can I call with FooCall? How do I top up my FooCall Account? What do if I don't have Wi-Fi? Find the answers to these questions and more in our FAQs.

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FooCall performance Works very well, no issues, receiving person just see my mobile number, very cheap.

Great app!!! Thank you for giving me a chance to talk to my loved ones for next to nothing.

Great service and prices Really can't fault this app. Calling UK from Dubai for 1c a min and 5c for mobiles.. can't grumble at that!

Love this app Very very cheap. 5.00 pounds is lasting me months, I still have over 3.00 left and I've used this regularly to phone France. Great signal for me. Would recommend. X

Lovely service This service has reduced my bills tremendously. I will give it a 5 out of 5…

Staying in touch shouldn’t cost the earth.

With FooCall you can stay in touch with people all around the world, talking for longer while spending less. You can see our rates right here on our website, or on the app. Import your contacts to the app and we’re able to show you how little it costs to keep in touch with each and every one of your favourite people.

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Don’t let distance keep you from the ones that matter, download FooCall and start making easy, cheap international calls today!

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